Monday, January 30, 2017

War is a Game - part 5

[In case you missed it, read part1, part 2, part 3, part 4]

 I keep finding old art from my video game job. Here is concept art from a decade+ ago.  They seem to be my ideas for mercenaries, bosses, main characters, side characters, or selectable characters and costumes. Tried to make it cool and edgy by looking at fashion and make it "rock 'n roll", which might be what I regret the most -- making light of war, making it "sexy". Well, at any rate, nobody liked these anyway.

  This might be the last of my posts in this series called "War is a Game" where I have anti-war rants while using my old concept art as visual aids. Again, the game company was a great experience, but I feel I should right a wrong -- that I was so ignorant at the time about foreign policy and contributed to this sort of..."war is the norm" feeling in American culture.

   After the towers fell (I hate saying f-cking "nine - eleven") and Bush gave us the so-called PATRIOTact, it was hard to believe America would continue for so long warring and abusing its power on their own citizens, to this day, all in the name of "safety and security" over freedom and liberty. Obama traded the ground war for drone warfare, essentially increasing war into more countries than his predecessor, drones which were "Team America"-style accurate, killing untold numbers of women and children, and he set the tone to allow killing US citizens without due process. He continued mass spying dragnets on everyone and their mother, waged war on press and whistleblowers of warcrimes. His FBI profiled, harassed, and entrapped Muslims [1,2,3,4]. He continued to be the biggest worldwide weapons dealer, and gave military aid to multiple factions playing them against each other, etc. All this and more.

   Sound "fascist"? Yeah, many in independent media, mostly outside mainstream media, have been saying the US has been slipping into fascism or a "soft fascism" for a long time. I.e. War is not a democratic decision anymore, government has been getting too nationalistic, imperialistic, and overly paranoid with security despite miniscule statistics of any threat level. It kept with the regime changes and election meddling of other nations. And of course when ya bomb the shit out of predominantly Muslim countries, OF COURSE it would be perceived by outsiders as a religious war, of Christians vs. Muslims. Of course there would be a muslim refugee problem and xenophobia issue if you propagandize as much as the US does; have such absolutely random TSA rules, raise threat levels arbitrarily on every holiday or celeb event -- our paranoinia makes us feel so important. Too few were critical of Obama, because he was just too cool. And even though Bin Laden was already obsolete, after killing him Obama still just had to be police-of-the-world (even though we haven't actually won any wars since WW2 and thus have no cred) in nations having nothing to do with "the towers and that event" and continue to waste money attemping nation-building the places we destroy. Doing the same thing over and over -- that didn't work...Still doesn't work. The US military is basically stuck in the archaic mentality of something akin to line infantry war tactics, and literally don't understand the modern world. That "might" is not only not right, but it just doesn't work.

    Sooo, Trump is now president...and everyone is now suddenly afraid. Of "fascism". About people hating us. But the writing was on the wall. I kept saying War is the central issue to many of these problems -- domestic as well as foreign. Now, it has become the latest and greatest hottest thing to protest only this administration's "muslim persecution", wars, war crimes, xenophobia (and hopefully they'll protest the surveillance state and get behind Snowden finally). It's great -- everyone is once again standing up for American values and liberties and for all human beings of all types globally. Where the f--- were they for the last 8 years?! There are such inconsistencies in the liberals, lefties, Democrats, etc. (I admit the fallacy of lumping them all together) Lefties were supposed to be the anti-war activists, but they are still going rabidly nuts to give the already unhinged Trump yet another enemy in Russia! They don't trust him with the nuke codes, but are trying to get him riled up?! [And it baffles me why the lefties in my current job allow a f-ing war profiteering propaganda company to share our offices. Either ignorance...or Obama made war so cool...or who knows...]

     But for the most part, with protests around the nation now, the lefties have otherwise returned to being defenders of US values of freedom for all and now care about civil liberties. Hollywood animation artists are doing stuff. Protests have come out of the woodwork, and well, better late than never. Awareness can educate.

    To end on a positive note, this is where I would suggest a possible solution is found -- in education. Malala is right. Look...religious extremism has existed for centuries, so why does it appear to have run amok today? Western meddling is a clear reason -- so leave, like we left Vietnam. And, terrorists are recruited because they are indoctrinated, guillible, and desperate. Educate them on what's really going on, about history, about facts and logic and reason, all the things I've been blogging about, and it'll become evident it never makes sense to go to war. Play the long game, but start now. They'll lose numbers and recede into history again. And education goes for politicians, media, pundits, and the general public of the western world as well. We need a new enlightenment.
[updated 2.10.17]