Monday, September 26, 2016

War is a Game - part 4

[In case you missed it, read part1, part 2, part 3]

     Another in my continuing anti-war posts using some of my old concept art. And hey, if you find it a bore, move along.

     It is September 2016, and we not only survived yet another annual nine-eleven "they-hate-us-for-our-freedoms" propaganda day, but we're also getting closer to voting time. In one corner, you have a racist, security nut. In the other corner, is a war mongering elitist. I don't know who is more fascist. [The libertarian alternative seems the most non-interventionist, but I'm still to be convinced of his intelligence.] The US presidential candidate debates have ongoing discussions on issues such as immigration and racism, national securwahty, refugees, profiling, questionable policing methods, mass shootings and gun control, yet at the heart of it all is, IMO: war. Again, I think war is the main hub issue that many of the other issues stated above stem from.
      The terrible "threat" is statistically miniscule, yet the cost is astronomical. Here are some links to do the talking for me. See below:

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